Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yes, I know it is not Easter. It is not even Eastertide.  In fact we are in Ordinary Time. However, I am in a resurrection spirit.  Religiously and Politically  I feel as though our country is in some deep need of resurrection.

It is one week post Upper New Annual Conference. An annual conference that looked far to much like General Conference just with less fighting and politicking. The only reason there was less fighting and politicking was due to the fact that it was shorter and we handled no petitions or resolutions. Yes you read that correctly in a day and a half of work ( yes we were there three but it was really a day and a half of holy conferencing) we passed a budget which did bring on  some spirited debate and we took one vote for the endorsement of an Episcopal candidate in which we endorsed no one. The highlight being we did play a lightening round of the Episcopal candidate dating game. We asked each candidate three questions:  "Which biblical figure other than Jesus  do you closely identify with"  " What are your experiences with diversity" "What experience do you have that would make you a good Episcopal leader?" It really sounded like the dating game trust me. However, no tough discussions were had and no work was done. Yes, we are in need of a resurrection. 

Our political climate is scary.  Large amounts of money is being spent by a small amount of people. Money wins elections. We are using misinformation and half-truths to hurt one another. Women are being pushed further into the margins. Even women on the conservative side are beginning  to chip away at their own rights. It seems to me that they are in an abusive relationship and they are beginning to believe the abuse is  a sign of love. The LGBTQ is consistently being discriminated against and victims of deep prejudice and being denied their rights. Immigrants are being demonized., minorities are being imprisoned and put to death. Yes we are in need of resurrection.

The church and government. Yes, I know in this country we like to keep them separate ( although that is more about having no state sanctioned religion than not having religion influence politics) . However, the are both in a rough state. We need to be more compassionate. We need to listen to one another. Instead of tearing one another down, instead of trying to keep things as they are, we need to raise each other up and look for ways to grow.

We are in need of resurrection.

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