Monday, May 14, 2012


I think it is a bit ironic that my last blog post on my old blog was 4 years ago. Four years ago after attending United Methodist General Conference 2008 in Fort Worth, TX and going to Israel and after much thought and prayer I decided to leave seminary and end ordination process with in the United Methodist Church. This happened for a variety of reason which I am sure over the course of time I will discuss. So it seems ironic to me that I am starting a blog after attending General Conference 2012 in Tampa, FL.

This blog comes at a time when I am much more hopeful .

As, we enter week two post GC2012 I have come down a bit. There is definitely some grieving going on. I grieve for the Church, I grieve for those who have directly and deeply wounded by the church, I grieve for those of us who feel guilt for being welcomed in a place where ALL does not mean ALL, I grieve for the Bishops who lead this broken body,I grieve for those who have lost hope and I miss terribly friends old and new who built and are building a loving, Christ seeking community.

Yet, it is not only grief. It is excitement that in the midst of our pain there is a large group that wants to move forward and be creative and  figure out how we can be Methodists in a 21st century way. I am hopeful in the number of bishops both retired and current who have offered their support and well wishes. There is a who heap of gratefulness that the Spirit does work in mysterious was without a doubt at work at #GC2012 in the Conference as a whole and certainly in my life. In conference striking down legislation that made the church a place a small minority would be in control and in my life by giving me new friends and allowing old friendships to be sustained and nurtured.

So, this blog title is inspired by Bishop Kiesey's May 3rd Sermon . It was a bright spot of GC2012. This Blog moving foreword will be my thoughts on faith, religion, politics, sports and where they all intersect.

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