Friday, May 25, 2012

Be the Voice of Love

We are in an interesting time and place in the world. Religion seems to be permeating almost every political argument in the news. Maybe it always have and I just didn't notice. The religious right has always been the loudest voices, but finally the religious left is speaking out. For whatever reason we aren't the voices  heard often on television news, but we are certainly making a presence on the Internet and op-Ed columns.

The two issues nearest and dearest to my heart are lightning rod issues in congress and therefore in the news: Women's rights and LGBTQ civil rights. These two issues bring out the religious talkies in force. Often speaking against equal rights and protecting women. I am not sure how people of faith can do this! They claim to be followed of Jesus but I wondering what gospels they are reading. Two things Jesus never did cast people aside or try to force them into believing what he believed.

Clearly he trying to change the world but he never forced the world to change. We would look a whole lot differ t if he had. What I wonder how it is can these folks be followers of Jesus and spuee such hateful language. How can you stand in the way of two people committing themselves to a loving relationship? How can you vote against or try to weaken the Violence Against Women act? How can you do those things and still call yourself a follower of Jesus? Sorry that just doesn't compute to me.

I certainly do not have my faith all figured out. I certainly think I get it wrong a lot of the time. Especially when I say hurtful things about another person. I can say this that the times I know I get it wrong I ask for forgiveness  from God. I think we should be doing a lot more asking for forgiveness instead of damning people on behalf of God.

I am glad there is another voice out there, but we need to be more mainstream. If we are going to engage those who have turned their backs to Christianity or organized faith of any kind we need people to know we are not all close minded. Christianity is not the religion of hate and discrimination.  Christianity is the faith of love and kindness!

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